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The return of Tianna… One & Only

Been missing some Tianna? We have. That’s why we are so happy to see Tianna from MPL Studios return with a new photo set. This time around she has her straight for the first time and not with the loose, big curls. We kind of miss the big curls as they provide a sort of innocence, but it is still Tianna and she provides much more than just some curls.

Here is a quick capture of Tianna in her latest set One & Only

Tianna... back in the 90's?

On a sidebar, we also find it really interesting that the TV is so damn large; that is one classic CRT! I don’t think they were really going for that vintage feel, but along with the boombox in the background, all they needed was some carpet on the floor and we would be right back in the early 90’s!

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